ImpC001 devices can not go online during production

We still have ImpC001 to deliver. During production the devices can not go online as they are blinking longOrange - shortRed - shortRed - shortRed (wrong proxy credentials).

Same when just blinked up to the production account, with the same result.

For us this is a serious service disruption, and we have contacted support the day before yesterday, who believe it is regarding a proxy for EI traffic for cellular.

We have not had any problems with the ImpC001 service until this one, and have been assured multiple times that ImpC001 will continue to be fully supported even with software updates and operations.

No incident has been reported, so I am posting this to find out if others have experienced similar, or know how to get it fixed?

Again, if anybody know what can be done, or who we can contact directly to move this forward please help us out.

We have ben informed that a fix was posted last Thursday, that did not resolve the issue. So I guess the status is back to investigating.

There is still no incident report. It is very disconcerting.

As seen from past incident reports, these type of issues have previously been fixed in a day or two, so we are genuinely worried what the situation is.

Thanks to EI support, this was prioritized and has been closed today.

Note that this issue was related to very early impC001’s which needed to fetch a software update which came out a couple of years ago - if the device had been offline for longer than that, some aspects of the cellular backend had changed and special help was required to allow them to fetch the update.

This affects very few people - but if anyone sees this with an old cell imp, then contact support who can get you past this blocking state.

Correct. The “very few people” service hospitals, pharmacies, medical companies among many other types of customers due to the high stability of EI solutions now Twilio.

Didn’t mean to demean your application! The issue was just that over the years changes in backend providers altered how things work. There was a migration period (I believe of over a year) but if a device was never connected during that time it got temporarily stuck.

In cases where the path is more under Twilio control, we have automated regression testing. The cell backend for non-Twilio SIMs is one part that there wasn’t as much control over.

Non taken. Just to emphasize the wider importance of the platform.

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