impC001 connection stability

I’m testing out an impC001 breakout for a gps application but having trouble getting a stable connection. Wondering if it’s the cell signal in the location or something else. Should I do something along the lines of checking the connection and restarting the device or are there other robust approaches (any pointers to code would be great). I can share the device ID it will help.

Generally, connectionmanager is a good library to use as it helps you with connection management when the OS is set to non-blocking mode (RETURN_ON_ERROR).

But, as noted in the other thread, we can look into your connectivity issues a bit more. There are many impC001’s deployed globally and as they attached to multiple carriers in almost all countries, coverage is usually pretty good. Where are you located? If you call then you can obtain the RSRP/RSRQ levels from the modem (LTE signal strength/quality).

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