Imp006 GPS usage

I am building a fairly basic fleet tracker type device and am having serious difficulties with the GPS portion of the solution. I am seeing about a 50% read rate for the GPS using the BG96 library.

Is anyone seeing the same thing? Does anyone have a fix? Fidelity is not a huge concern so I am considering a workaround but, would rather it actually work consistently.

I am also having difficulty in changing the Location Mode Values.
It says Mode 2 is the default and should provide Lat/Lon in this format ( (-)dd.ddddd,(-)ddd.ddddd )

However, is presenting as mode 0 ( ddmm.mmmm N/S,dddmm.mmmm E/W ) and I cant get it to change???

There are significant GPS improvements coming (native GPS API which allows for hot-starting with cloud-supplied almanac/ephemeris data).

Can you give more detail as to what you’re seeing now? What do you mean by “50% read rate”? It is expected that cold starts will be slow, especially if the modem gets powered down - so performance can be altered by your power setup (eg: Li-Ion or high voltage primary cell)

So, full disclosure, I am struggling with the code here, not my core competency, so no guarantee I am doing all this correctly.
I have fiddled with the timing and it looks like things improved a bit. Maybe 1 error out of 3 or 4 and usually not more than one or 2 concurrently. So I wrote a bit of a workaround to drop bad reads.

Essentially, I am using “enableGNSS” in the constructor and “getLocation” with no poll. and for testing tied it into Code Example 3.

With that, I have also tried to get the locMode switch to work with no luck. :frowning:

Could you paste your code, or PM it?

Thanks, I did PM you earlier then forgot to followup here.

Okay, so back on this GPS Issue. I am not able to get it to read in anything but this format:

I am using the following blocks to set up and then get readings:

    // Enable GPS 
	"maxPosTime" : 90,
    "checkFreq" : 5,

// Get GPS reading
result = BG96_GPS.getLocation({“poll” : false,“locMode” : BG96_GNSS_LOCATION_MODE.TWO});

I just cant get it to swap lat and on output formats.

Any guidance would be appreciated.


Hugo mentioned I should reach out to @zandr @terrencebarr to see if I can try to clean up the code that is failing on my GPS reads.

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