IMP006 GPS Library

Is there any sample code for using the BG96_GPS library for the IMP006? There is no source on github - just a readme file which assumes the user has a lot of insight into how the IMP006 cell and gps modules work with Squirrel. There is not enough reference material to draw this insight so a small piece of sample code for how to get basic location data would be very helpful. Access to the library source would also help.

Thanks in advance

The library calls some internal functions to access the GPS and hence isn’t published - but yes, some example code would be really good in the git repo!

@terrencebarr or @smittytone did you have any?

Any help at all for the new GPS feature?

Sorry, I missed this one. I have some sample code, let me dig it out tomorrow.

– Terrence

@deonsmt I added a simple example to the library README at Hope that helps.


– Terrence

Thanks @terrencebarr, much appreciated. Is there an antenna specification or preferred supplier for a specific antenna that works with this module? Such as this for example?

You probably want an active patch antenna with an integrated ground plane for simplicity and performance. We’ve had good results with the Molex 206640 but there are others, e.g. from Taoglas.

Thanks for all the help @terrencebarr