Any idea when an Imp005 with ethernet will be available for evaluation? Preferably already on a breakout board??

We have a breakout board in-house and are doing some tweaks and fixes for a version that we’ll make available - first to specific partners then more generally later (likely ~3 months away at the soonest).

It has 005, dual-band antenna, 10/100 ethernet (phy+magjack) and USB host connector on it, in addition to the pin breakout. The design will be up on the dev center along with the other breakouts, but bear in mind that it’s not as easy to work with as (for example) the 003.

USB host is supported in the imp005’s OS, so that’s quite fun for some applications :slight_smile:

Just curious: could this be powered via the Ethernet port, ie. is there enough juice in the power lines coming out of the jack to drive the imp005?


You’d have to design that feature onto the board specially (or use an external power-splitter), but the amount of juice available over PoE is enormous in imp terms: 12W or more.


I was thinking about an integrated jack with the 005||85759||85791)&channel=Products

Would you still need to send blink up to the device if it is blessed?

You will need to BlinkUp the device (even if blessed and even if connecting over Ethernet rather than WiFi), in order to enrol the it. The Electric Imp Cloud won’t let it connect otherwise.

I like the idea of PoE - I could power imp-based sensor just by dangling them off (or integrating them into) powerline networking units.

Though - we have customers who are pre-enrolling devices during production now, a process which will be getting substantially easier with factory agents, coming soon.

Yes, we will be providing a PoE reference design for the imp005 too.

Any idea on production availability of the imp005, incl MOQ ?
With the Factory Agents available (in Beta), can we assume that enrollment can be done in our manufactoring flow rather than by the end-user (for ethernet only models) ? That would be a big plus for us in 2 ways : complexity for users reduced to just plugging in the cable + no need to make the Phototransistor physically accessible in an assembled device (blessing and enrollment would happen on naked PCB before assembly).

imp005 is just about entering MP (our lead customer’s first MP run is in the next few weeks). We will have imp005 breakout boards available on Amazon in a bit over a week, I believe. Note that these are running early software - release 33 - but obviously do secure OTA update.

Yes, with agents you can pre-provision tokens and “just plug in ethernet” (or “just connect to preconfigured wifi”) with no end user involvement.

Release 33 onwards also support web blinkup, so users can blinkup from a webpage (no app requirement).

Could you try to get the breakouts as well on Mouser or eventually Digikey ? Ordering from the US Amazon site (which is the only one carrying the more advanced breakouts apparently) is a pain from Europe…

Yes, most likely but it’s a longer process to get them on Digikey (as Digikey pay for the stock)

Any news on the imp005 breakout boards? I looked at Amazon and there is nothing new so far.

No, after talking with Murata we’re likely going to hold off and just do them through distributors. If you need one then speak to your sales contact (or email sales@) and we can sort one out directly.

Thanks for the quick replay. I really appreciate how active and helpful you are here in the forum. I don’t really “need” one now (no particular urgent project). I can wait some time more. But I’m curious …

@Hugo, any update on the availability of imp005 breakout boards? Really anxious to get my hands on one of those… :smiley:

@Hugo, I see the imp005 has a built in USB with API’s that can put it into host mode. is it possible to put the USB into device mode? Thanks…

No, the device only supports host mode (this is a hardware limitation). Slave mode is relatively easier/cheaper to do with external controllers, though.

@Hugo: you wrote on April 6: " We will have imp005 breakout boards available on Amazon in a bit over a week, I believe." +7 weeks have passed, nothing visible on Amazon. Any update on current schedule?

We’ve decided not to put them on amazon (they’re a bit more specialist) but will be on digikey and mouser in a little while.

Until then if you need one, email and we can sell you one directly.