Imp005 wifi channel issues

Recently I’ve been having issues with our imp005’s wifi. Essentially we have three Wifi networks on the same router with the settings:

Security: WPA2 PSK
WPA encryption mode: WPA2 only
2.4g: channel: auto (1)
5g: channel: auto(44)

And I cannot get the imp005 to connect to any of those networks. I did a test with my phone, by sharing a mobile hotspot I noticed that setting the channel to 1 the imp005 could not connect but by setting the channel to 11 it worked fine. Why is this?

We are located in Sweden.

Hard to say without wireless captures. Can you collect a capture of a connect attempt, from before the device is powered to the failure? Channels 1-11 are common worldwide so it is not a country issue.

See for how to do this with a mac (not possible with most PCs).

Also, have you tried with an imp005 breakout board, to remove any dependency on your hardware? It’s possible your housing or PCB design has shifted the antenna’s tuning.