IMP005 use JTAG for offline debugging

I find that IMP005’s JTAG_SEL Pin is setted to GND. May I modify it to 3V3? So I can use JTAG for offline debugging.
Or IMP005 has other ways for offline debugging?

No, there are no local debug interfaces on any imp. JTAG is permanently disabled on all imps including imp005.

For offline debugging we suggest you use a serial cable. See

Thanks for your answer @hugo. I have another two questions.
1. Is there any signal on TX pin of UART0 , when IMP005 is powered up?
2. I want to add an audio module. But there aren’t complete defintions of IIS interface on the IMP005 breakout. So IMP005 doesn’t support an audio module, or it has other ways to achieve it?

  1. Unlike other imps, imp005 has default pin states (see schematic symbol and pin mux), some of which are outputs. However, there is no serial data sent on UARTs etc. Your squirrel code can obviously do this, though. Release 36 also supports devices being able to run code immediately on power-up by nominating a “hard reset” pin to override this and prevent devices being bricked by bad squirrel.

  2. imp005 does not support I2S. Can you describe your application in more detail? We may be able to suggest alternatives. If needed, you can contact us directly by email vs giving details in the public forum.