Imp005 uart0 RTS/CTS

I’m trying to determine the behaviour of UART0 RTS if I use NO_CTSRTS option in uart.configure(). Does RTS sit as an output, driven high? I assume that the pin is not addressable from Squirrel?


The pin is not addressable, correct.

I would expect (I don’t have a board near me to verify this, because covid) that the pin is low (ie, the “allow traffic” state) if NO_CTSRTS is configured.

Thanks, I missed the note in the docs that confirms it can’t be individually addressed.

Unfortunately, the behaviour of the RTS pin seems to be sub-optimal. If we use NO_CTSRTS on uart0, RTS goes high, blocking everything.

I mean, technically if you’re using NO_CTSRTS then you probably shouldn’t even be connecting the pins. If it’s connected, then you should be using flow control?

(or do you need outbound flow, but don’t want inbound flow?)

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