Imp005 Real Time Clock

We are using an imp005 in a design because we need an ethernet connection. We understand that the device does not have an internal RTC and cannot get the actual time until it connects to the network.

Is there any work around here in the event that the connection is down and a power cycle happens? We are storing future event data in flash but there’s no way to act on it before a connection is supplied.


The workaround is to use an external RTC chip, connected over i2c - eg PCF8563. The RTC block in the 43907 silicon is too buggy to be used - Broadcom gave up on fixing it.


That’s seems like a very logical workaround. Is there any way to integrate the RTC with the native time/date functions inside of the impOS so that functions like time() return the correct unix time?

We are currently making use of the Scheduler library. The functionality we would need will still only be available after a connection is made. Is that correct?

No direct way, no; you could make identical calls that would fall back to the internal time() if necessary though?

I’ve not used the scheduler library, but I’m sure you could fork it and make it work with your RTC if needed.

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