Imp005 in China & Japan


“Murata has performed CE pre-testing and FCC/IC modular certification for the type 1GC module (imp005) with their own dual-band PCB antenna design.”

Do you know if anyone has put the Imp005 through Chinese & Japanese certification? Anything that we should be worried about in undertaking an Imp005 project that we want to get into those regions?



The module has been through JP cert, yes, for more than one customer. I’m not aware of any of our customers who have used it in China, but Murata may know of some. I’ve requested a TELEC code if one exists, the customers I know that have done this have just gone through full device testing. should also include the Japan country code, but it doesn’t. We’ll get this updated; it does require a different country code because the 5GHz channels vary a lot country to country (much more than 2.4GHz).


Update: yes it does have TELEC cert, code is 001-P00975. Certificate being added to the RF certifications page now.


Great thanks for the update and clarification. I assume we just use the ‘Other Country’ code for China in setcountry?


And just an FYI the example of the bottom of this page:

Does not use setcountry() in the code as far as I can see.


It does call setcountry on line 81?

I would start with “other country” but keep us in the loop on any lab comms or certification questions and we can involve Murata where necessary to ensure your testing is successful.


It didn’t at the time; we fixed the example yesterday.


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