Imp005 - i2cJK does not exist

So I got my 005 breakout today, and went to transfer my working code from a 002 model to the 005. I changed the uart and GPIO declarations fine, but I try:

i2c <- hardware.i2cJK;

and get “the index ‘i2cJK’ does not exist”

Any thoughts? i2c0 produces the same result. I can’t find much material relating to 005 specific code dependencies on the website. Thanks.

Ah. I2C as a whole doesn’t exist in the imp005 pre-releases yet (isn’t that in the release notes?) but we currently intend to support it soon, in the first stable release.


That is what I guessed was happening, just wanted to make sure. Thanks.

@peter has this issue been addressed?

Sort of. Since release-34, the imp005 now exposes both of the underlying BCM43907 chip’s I2C peripherals, hardware.i2cJK and hardware.i2c0. However, these I2C peripherals turn out to have significant limitations compared to the ones available on other imp types; notably, they do not support clock-stretching, so any I2C slave which ever feels the need to “think a bit” before replying, will not work with the imp005.