Imp005 force WiFi

We have a Imp005 device which can be powered by PoE or DC. When powering by PoE (with no internet connection on the ethernet line) I can’t get the unit to BlinkUp or post blink up connect via WiFi. Is something forcing it to use ethernet even though there is no internet connection and not the WiFi? In the ElectricImp app I choose WiFi as the connection method.

When powering it over DC it blinks up and connects over WiFi fine.

Not sure if it’s an ImpOS 38 issue, I have another device which runs fine when powered by PoE running ImpOS 36. It can connect to WiFi.

Hi @jdelaune, if you send me the impOS 38 device’s ID (via a direct message) we can try downgrading it to see if the behaviour changes.

There is a 40 second DHCP timeout on the ethernet connection in ImpOS 38 if anyone is interested. Sorted now.