Imp005 breakout board - how much current does it draw

Does anyone know the current that the imp005 breakout board uses (what it’s peak is)?

Depends on what you’re doing; wifi? ethernet? which band?

Some is fairly fixed, but CPU power will vary with your application.

For Ethernet how much will be the current?

@peter what is the expected current for the ethernet functionality in imp005

We don’t have figures for that (the PHY probably takes a large fraction of it anyway). Do note however that imp005 is not in general tightly optimised for low-power operation.


We’ll hook up a devboard in the lab and give you a rough ballpark. My guess is ~100-150mA on ethernet @ 3.3v with squirrel idle.

Just checked a single device; on ethernet I’m seeing ~140mA at 3.3v. This includes the blinkup LED and the ethernet status LEDs on the magjack.