Imp005 Breakout Board as Factory Fixture

The Imp IDE will not let me add a development imp005 as the Factory Imp on a production model. When I enter its MAC address an error flashes that says ‘That imp belongs to a different account. Please perform BlinkUp again using this account.’ Which is wrong, because the device is listed under the list of development devices.

Hi Jessica,

Sorry for the confusion, I agree that error message is very confusing in this situation. I believe what’s happening here is the device you’re trying to assign as a factory imp is actually a collaborator’s device, owned by a different account and assigned to a development model in your account.

There are a couple options to resolve this restriction:

A) Either you or the collaborator can delete/remove the device from the current model. Once the the device is unassigned, you will be able to add it as a factory imp in your account (even though the device is still owned by a different account).

B) BlinkUp the device with your own account, thus changing owner of the developer device in your account (assigned devices can be converted into factory imps if they are your own device)

Btw, we are in process of improving all these experiences with v5 api and the correlating new UI. I recommend also playing with those :slight_smile:

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Removing it from the Factory fixture model did the trick! Thanks.