Imp004m on M.2 carrier

For a design that should be able to contain either an IMP004m or a cellular IMP001c, we’re considering developing a small M.2 form factor carrier board containing the iMP004m. That way we can equip the design with just an M.2 connector and plug in one of the 2 carrier boards depending on our need.
The board would probably contain the necessary peripherals as well such as SPIFI flash and 32KHz crystal + passives.
Question for us is if we can generate sufficient volume to make this economically viable so I wanted to do a quick poll if there is an interest among the commercial users (or makers with larger needs) to pool volume for this.
We’re willing to make the design and set up production. We would sell the boards at production cost + shipping. It’s all about creating volume.
Bear in mind that we’re an engineering company and as such not in a position to do the logisitcs for many small orders. Therefore I would need to set the MOQ at 50 pcs.

If interested, let me know. We would need about 250 of them ourselves, if we can get to 500pcs for production (needed to keep the setup cost/pc acceptable), we go for it. My guess is that such volume would add about 7€-8€ to the naked price of the IMP004m which is 9,17€ for this volume. so a total of 17€/pc is our target. If volume is higher, that will decrease.