Imp004m Flash

The reference circuit in the imp004m preliminary spec shows pins 3 (WP#) and 7 (HOLD#) pulled high by external resistors. Table 2.1 of the S25FL116K spec sheet states WP# and HOLD# pins have “…an internal pull-up resistor and may be left unconnected in the host system if not used for Quad commands.” So are the pull-ups in the spec reference circuit required when this IC is used with the imp004m?

BTW I think the Adesto P/N listed in the preliminary spec sheet (AD25SF081) is incorrect; it should be AT25SF081.

Will fix the spec sheet. Yes AT is correct (Adesto purchased the flash business from Atmel… the part still has the legacy AT prefix from Atmel).

You can leave the pins unconnected if you’re using a chip with internal pullups; we specify pullups for maximum compatibility.

Thanks Hugo.