Imp004m availability

Have recently jumped back into a bit of Imp development after a lengthy hiatus. (Alright, I’ll admit to a bit of hobbyist ESP8266/32 work over that time … but the Imp is just much more convenient for a couple of current projects).

I did a recent project using the 002 module (actually still have a few of those in the parts bin), but know that it’s time for me to switch to something more current. The 004 looks like the logical option, but alas, I can’t seem to find stock anywhere at my standard go-to sources (Digikey, Mouser, etc.). 003’s and 005’s seem fairly available … the 004, not so much.

So, I guess I’m just trying to understand the current status of the module … still active/recommended for new designs, a temporary casualty of the global chip shortage, when available again, etc.? I’ve done some previous layouts with the 003, so am not uncomfortable working with the 003 or 005 … just prefer to not have to go multilayer, mess around with antenna designs, etc. unless necessary.

Anyway, I’d just be interested in hearing the current story of the 004m before moving ahead.


It’s still recommended for new designs, and fully supported. However, the chip shortages mean that there are none in the channel and lead times tend to be in the 1 year timeframe right now (mainly due to STM32 availability).

It looks like there may not be any improvement in silicon availability throughout 2022. Murata are still building modules, but they are fulfilling orders placed almost a year ago.

If you’re comfortable with 0.8mm BGA, imp006 is a good option. We have a limited number in stock (you can buy prototyping quantities from our store), you then put down your choice of radio (LBEE5HY1MW-230 for dual band+BLE or LBEE5KL1DX-883 for single band+BLE). As of this second, Octopart lists stock of the 1DX module LBEE5KL1DX-883 | Octopart

It’s not cheap, but anyone with stock is bumping prices at this point. The imp006 supports cellular using the Quectel BG96 (can be found on aliexpress if you realy need some), and we have pre-production support of BG95, EG21, EG25, EG91 modems so you can have cat-1/cat-4 too).

Sorry for the delayed response. Thanks for the feedback and elaboration Hugo. Good to hear that the -004 is still an active part (will keep that in mind for future projects), but yes, the chip (as well as other part) shortages are very obvious these days while trying to order project items from the usual suppliers.

Looks like there’s good availability at the moment of the 1DX (5,000+ devices showing at Mouser), so that looks like a good alternative. (I’m just currently replacing an -002 , so single band is fine for this project). A little more work dealing with the board layout and RF, but I’m game.

Thanks again,

If you need a small number of 002’s, it’s possible we have some if I go digging in the office. When we moved office I’m sure I saw a partial reel of them… DM me your requirements?

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