Imp003 from Tindie fails to connect to server at blinkup


I bought two breakout boards for the imp003 from Tindie when they came out, and have been using one ever since I got it.
I recently unpacked the second one which I kept on a shelf for years and never powered on up until now, and though the wi-fi connection succeeds (short green blink), it won’t reach the server (long orange, short red flashes).
I have tried from different wi-fi networks and locations, even from a hotspot from my iPhone sharing its 4G, with no success, and to my knowledge nothing blocks port TCP 31314.
Is it possible that your servers no longer accept connections from very early firmwares ?

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No, old devices (back to the very first products we shipped in 2012) should upgrade seamlessly; can you provide a UTC timestamp? I can look in logs and see if I can spot it.

A photo of the datamatrix code on the top would help too, as I can then relate that to the MAC address.

Hello Hugo,

Thanks a lot for your prompt feedback
I just gave it another try now (09:06 PM UTC).

Please find the photo attached

Many thanks !

Hmm, not finding anything. Can you look at your wifi DHCP server and identify the MAC address from there?


From the DHCP server I see 0C:2A:69:0B:E4:0F popping up when I power the imp.
(UTC 10:15 PM 21/07/2021)
At least it confirms that joining the wi-fi works and that it gets an IP address. I also cross-checked the firewall settings, all outbound traffic is authorized.

Ok so that means the wifi firmware is ok and it’s getting somewhere… but I still don’t see it at this end. Will PM you to get your IP address…

Ok, this seems to have been resolved now (there was a regression with the legacy server which hadn’t been noticed by automated tests).

I confirm that it’s working great, the board is happily running now.
Many thanks for your awesome support !

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