IMP003 Eagle file


I just created an Imp003 in eagle format and I thought it is a good idea to share it here.
I also made a 3D model if anyone is interested you can download it here.

It’s perfect, EXCEPT you’ve mirrored the pins on the footprint.

Pin 1 is not lower-right, pin 1 is lower left.

The datasheet shows the footprint from the bottom, not through the part from the top, as it would be laid out on a board.

I don’t know Eagle well enough yet to mirror the thing, and an updated file would be excellent.

Its fixed in the second upload !

Thank you.

I’m probably missing something but both versions of the download seem to have Pin 1 in the lower right. I downloaded both versions, unzipped, and renamed each library. I then opened a new project, dragged in the part from each library and the pin orientations appear to be the same. The libraries have different names but the parts still have the same name. Does Eagle do something with caching parts?

wow, time flies. Cannot believe how long I’ve been working with the imp. I’ve got a problem in that I need to make more of one of my designs but it is for imp002. I’ve started working out an imp003 conversion. I’ve had a look at the files attached to the message above and I agree with the other notes - the footprints both seem backward.

fair warning to others…