IMP003 breakout boards available at Tindie

I made a small number of the IMP003 breakout boards available for sale at Tindie. If there is sufficient interest I will make more. See:

I’ve been researching the imp003 considering my design was imp002 and I cannot purchase those anymore. this board looks good, thanks! but I am wondering about the RF performance. The electric imp documentation states that a 4 layer board is required to connect the antenna and the Tindie board looks like it is 2 layers. Did I mis-interpret the notes from electric imp or miss some other fact?

Not sure about the old one, but the new one:

…is definitely 4 layer. See the OSHpark link:

We helped @onehorse review his board and recommended the switch to the Antenova antenna. RF performance should be good :slight_smile:

ok, thanks! that’s what I got wrong - it IS 4 layer.

thanks Hugo!