IMP002s won't hold connection on inseego M2000

I have 2 IMP-002 devices that have been successfully connecting to multiple wifi routers for some time. I recently got a new 5G mobile device from T-Mobile, an “inseego M2000 mifi”. This works with all my other devices as expected. Both the IMP devices appear to establish a connection (the M2000 lights up and says a device has connected) but after about 10 seconds the connection drops. There are no messages or indications on the IDE as to whether any comms was successful - device shows as “offline”. All settings on the mifi/M2000 are default. Any ideas?

MAC addresses of the 2 devices:


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I had a look at black box logs and there are periods where it can’t reconnect - for 20s (your connect timeout) it can’t find the SSID being broadcast at all, or isn’t responding to the associate requests. This sounds a little like band steering (APs that ignore requests on 2.4, hoping the device gives up and moves to 5.8).

A quick look at the M2000 manual doesn’t show an option to disable steering though.

The other thing I noticed is that sometimes the signal from the router is waaaay too strong (eg -9dBm, -14dBm, -12dBm). WiFi spec is, as I remember, -28dBm being the strongest signal supported for 11g/n.

How far is the router away?