Imp002 won't run


i build a small breakout board for im002 module. After some problems it started correct with no Settings (amber blinking). I tried to run BlinkUp several times. The LEDs turned off while blinkup and after some tries it started red blinking (BlinkUp unsuccessful). Now it never stops blinking red. It doesn’t turn off while BlinkUp. Is something broken or what can I do? Can’t get BlinkUp running again.

Check your VDDA pin on the imp002 is connected to VDD?

Also check you are getting signal on the OPTO_IN pin. A pretty common mistake is putting the phototransistor the wrong way round which means it kinda works but with awful sensitivity.

OK it was a powering Problem… red blinking looked like “unsuccessful BlinkUp” maybe not stable enough.

sorry and thanks :slight_smile: