Imp002 solder down module - Eagle's library available for download

Hey everybody!

I’ve designed this library a month ago but I’ve forgot to share :-o

This is a library for Eagle (designed under version 6.3 but can work under 6.2) for the imp002 solder down module:

The component includes 2 packages, one is the standard footprint suggested on the official datasheet while the second package is an updated footprint with larger pads that I’ve designed for easier manual soldering.

I’ve also uploaded an example of breakout board based on the library. This is actually a PCB that we give away for free with every imp002 module we sell:

The library and the examples are available for download here:

Any comment is very welcome.


Would be even better if you include the ATSHA chip, and possibly even a 3.3V regulator, like on the April board :slight_smile:

The imp002 doesn’t require the ATSHA chip and it doesn’t have a pin for the ID.

I think Hugo could explain better than me this.

There is already a board to make prototypes, that includes the opto and the regulator, the name is Amber. I have the files from Hugo but I don’t know if I can share it.


As Dimitri says, there’s no ATSHA on the module version; the ATSHA is a unique ID for when you swap your imp from device to device - with an imp002, it’s rather soldered down and hence doesn’t move much, so the device ID is hard-coded in the imp itself.

The amber design is open, I actually thought we’d posted it but it appears not…

@Hugo, yep… the design is not on Github and neither on the devwiki.

Beside this, can offer some detail about the usage for developers?

What they will have to do in order to associate the imp002 to a developer account so it will not require the paid subscription to the cloud service?



We’ll get Amber posted shortly.

There’s nothing special to do in order to use the imp002 with the developer service. Blinking up as usual with an imp developer account will do the trick.

@hugo is there any update on getting Amber posted?

Thanks for the reminder, will ping…

I should have checked first - it’s been up for a while:

Just to confirm that the imp002 has arrived and we are shipping. Tomorrow I will post details, pictures and a demo.

Please do, I have one on order and a project waiting for it.

The goods arrived in the European warehouse yesterday’s afternoon and are scheduled to reach the US warehouse today in the morning. All the orders will leave today from the local warehouses.