Imp002 library for Fritzing

Hey everybody!

We have just released the library for Fritzing that includes the imp002 breakout and also the break&shield.

The package with the library can be downloaded from here:

and you can also find it in attachment to this post, together with a couple of pictures.

As usual, comments and suggestions are pretty much welcome.


Forgot to remark that all these modules and boards are available in stock for immediate shipping from any of the warehouses in USA, Europe and Asia:


might as well remove this. is down forever

This is old and the links don’t work. Is the EI Fritzing library available elsewhere?

I found a Fritzing diagram for the IMP002 EVB. See imp002 Evaluation Board
near bottom of page (header: Schematics and Resources) and 2nd html link (imp002 EVB Fritzing Symbol)