IMP002 frequently disconnects after refreshing

The imp002 controller shows that its connected but the website frequently removes the device after its being refreshed.

Hi… I’d love to help, but we’re going to need (a lot) more information:

  1. “the imp002 controller shows that it’s connected” – do you mean you see a successful LED green light when enrolling?
  2. “after it’s being refreshed” – do you mean when you refresh the browser?
  3. “removes the device” – from where?

Screenshots would help (please remove any personal or sensitive information) – feel free to DM this to me.

Hello @ahoughton,

First, thanks for your help!

My college Valerie wrote the last post based on a strange behavior presented claiming the device to the impCentral. I’m going the mention all the points that I noted yesterday during her tests.

  1. The imp002 controller blink up successfully and establish the connection. The board start blinking green but then stop blinking, also it’s important to mention that the status of the device in the platform is “Online”.
  2. Yes, the board is removed when the browser is refreshed.
  3. The device is removed from the impCentral, so we are no able to visualize it or assign it to a project anymore.

Anyway is better if Valerie contacts you directly so she can give you a better explanation than me. She is back on Monday, so I will let her know that you are here to help us! :smiley:

All the best,
Maria C.