Imp002 Connects to network but not available in Electric Imp IDE

I see it connect to the network the light flashes green the mac address shows up in my router list but it does not get added
to Electric Imp IDE.

Is there a way to do a factory reset or something so it will go back to default settings?

Make sure that you did a BlinkUp with the proper account:

  1. Check the account name you’re signed into in the IDE
  2. Sign out of the Electric Imp app, then sign back in with the same account as (1)
  3. Do a “Clear Configuration” BlinkUp (should blink orange after)
    • This will cause the imp to disassociate with the current network + account
  4. BlinkUp as normal

Also - if your imp is blinking “short long” green blinks, it means it’s currently updating. Imps often will not show up in the IDE until they have completed updating.

(if you need more debug help, then provide the mac address of the unit so we can check the logs)