IMP002 Board Design


I am interested in finding out if there is any issue with placing components on the bottom side of a PCB under the IMP002 module. I know the antenna part of the module should have nothing under it but what about the rest of the module?


No, that’s ok, but bear in mind the keep-out area: you shouldn’t place vias (ideally, even tented ones) under the exclusion area noted in the datasheet.

Also, if anything is RF-noisy, then putting it close to the antenna is a bad idea.

Thanks Hugo!

I want to know the enclose part in shielding case, what is the part number of wireless IC in IMP002 module?

I am in china,how to buy IMP002 in china?

The imp002 uses the BCM43362 wifi chip. DigiKey may be able to ship to china (they can definitely to Hong Kong).

If you’re looking to buy volumes of imp002, email - we keep stock in HK for our customers.