Imp002 Blink-Up Circuit

Here is an image of a correct imp002 module Blink-Up circuit. If you are having trouble, hopefully this will help.
The imp is on a Smartmaker breakout board, and being powered by the Adafruit breadboard power supply kit.
I am using the following components:
Phototransistor: LiteOn 859-LTL1BEKVJNN
LED: Honeywell SDP8405-003

Notes: (For these components or similar)
The FLAT side of the phototransistor is the collector, and goes to OPTO-BIAS
I am using a 100K BIAS resistor, but higher values can be used.
The FLAT side of the LED is PIN1 - RED, then PIN 2 the COMMON CATHODE, and PIN 3 GREEN.
In COMMON CATHODE configuration, the RED LED PIN is tied to GND with a 10K resistor.
(The spec sheet says 100K, but I believe this is being changed to 10K, and both seem to work.
VREF is tied to 3.3V
For best results, turn off all lights in the room.

If your phototransistor circuit is correctly wired, when your phone begins flashing, the LED will STOP blinking until the phone is done flashing, at which time it will indicate one of the connected states, or that it failed to read the blink-up data.

PIN 9 is connected to a GREEN LED and then to GND through a current limiting resistor. This has nothing to do with the Blink-Up circuit, it is just showing the Imp controlling an LED.