Imp001 wifi router connected but not connecting to server

Hi there,

I am trying to blinkup my imp001. I can see that it connects fine with the router (MAC address visible and IP address assigned). However, in impcentral the device is “not connected”.

During blinkup, the LED goes green, then r(ed)x2, o(range), r,o,r,o,r, ox2, r,o,r,o,r, ox2, etc.

It looks like it gets stuck when trying to connect to the server (orange long, red short).
I have checked my Firewall settings and created a rule:
For TCP with source port 31314 allow all source IP and all destination port and IP.

Is there any chance of making them work?

Imp001 bought in 2013
impOS Version 735a50d - release-38.14 - Tue Oct 9 13:52:16 2018 - production
Device Type: development
blinkup - tried on Android mobile device and apple iPad device

I have now tried blinking up on my mobile internet connection and it connects to the server just fine. It must be some setting on my home router which I haven’t figured out yet.

The imp only ever connects outbound through the firewall to the server (the server never connects inbound to the imp), so that may help you write a stricter firewall rule.

In theory the rule should be [imp’s internal IP][any source port] connecting to [any external IP][ports 31314,993,443,80].


Thanks Peter, I’ve put these settings in. They worked straight away for the first imp001 I managed to resuscitate. However, the second and third only came back to life after I had connected them to my mobile Wifi (Huawei, “Mifi”). They both connected without any problems even without the firewall entries.

I found that when connected to the other router, the imps were able to carry out an update of the impOS (“ImpOS upgraded” in the log window).
Only once the ImpOS had been upgraded on each imp did all three imps manage to blinkup and connect to the server via my main (non-mobile) router.

Out of interest, what make/model is your main router?

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