Imp001 not recommended for commercial service

I have a small IoT project and do not need alot of pins. In see where the imp001 is not recommended for commercial projects. Can someone elaborate on this question and why the imp001 is maybe not suited for use in the field?

We don’t recommend the imp001 for commercial usage for a number of reasons. Crucially, it’s no longer in production. We do have stocks, but these are reserved for development devices such as the impExplorer™ kit.

For very small-scale projects and for evaluating the platform, the imp001 is fine. But for commercial applications, you really have to go for the imp003, imp004m or imp005 modules, which are available in volume, available from an independent supplier (Murata).

What kind of volumes do you have in mind for your project?

Thanks for the details. I looked at the Imp004 yesterday after I posted my question and decided it was a good starting point. My volumes are small as its an industrial IoT scheme and there are only 3000 such industrial systems worldwide.

Also… don’t mistake a difference in terminology. They are using “commercial” as in mass production. You MIGHT be using “commercial” as in an industrial environment.

I have used imp001’s to retrofit “commercial” products as a one off. So, in my opinion, if you are mass producing a product, go with a current device. If you are doing small quantity retro’s then the 001 should be fine.

To clarify, “commercial” means anything other than hobby projects or platform evaluations. “Commercial” does not equate to “mass production” — you can be a commercial operation with just a few dozen units, for example.