Imp001 Enrollment

I have two Imp001s being used for two different applications. They are running different OS versions for some reason. One has a last enrollment date and the other say unenrolled. What does this mean?

The enrolled Imp001 is running “release-38.11 - Fri Sep 14 11:56:42 2018 - production”
The unenrolled Imp001 is running “release-38.13 - Fri Oct 5 08:53:28 2018 - production”

How can I get them to both remain updated to the latest OS release?


38.11 is the latest developer release. When we push a new release out to developers, your development devices will automatically update.

It’s a little strange one device is on 38.13. Have you been working with someone on any problem that required an upgrade?

Nothing special had been done with the two Imps. I’m wondering if I should re-blinkup the one that says it is unenrolled. Would that change anything? The funny part is that the unenrolled Imp is the newer firmware.

Enrolled roughly means “blinked up” - however, you can clear settings and the server won’t know the device is no longer enrolled. If you PM the device IDs maybe I can come up with some history on why the 38.13 one is on that version :slight_smile: