Imp001 Color code

after a long time I grab out my two imp001 and would like to reactivate them. But after a first try, not remembering / getting the inital color code, they both show always red orange red longer pause and then a short green after power up but nothing else happens. Didn’t find that code in documentation / troubleshooting guide, etc.
Migrated device accounts are in impcentral and the inventory mentions OS 38.11 for both devices.

Tried also to re-Blinkup in many ways without success.

Any hints to bring them back to life?

Thanks for any help!

If they’re on 38.11, they’ve updated so have been successfully connected recently.

What code were they running last? Could your code have been making the devices sleep? You can PM the device IDs if you want more detail.

From my point of view, the two imps are not connecting to WiFi and not the Cloud anymore. I really would like to know the meaning of the color code and if I can fully reset the imps to some factory default or what I could do to re-blinkup them.

Any further hints?

Thank you.

So yes, '56c is indeed coming online, and then going to sleep about 200 milliseconds later (the code you last loaded on them is doing this). Seems to wake up every 30 mins and do that. Does that sound familiar?

You should find the code the device is running in impCentral (the device ID is 23493daa5ba5ceee - imp001 devices run code based on the thing they’re plugged into, not their mac address, and 23493daa5ba5ceee is the ID of the board that device was last plugged into) and either change it not to sleep, or simply unassign the device (this icon image ). You can use the device search (top right, “chip” icon) to find the device if you have many of them.

Then the easiest thing to do is power cycle the device and this will force it to pick up new code - otherwise, if your code written following the guidelines, the next time it wakes it will get told by the server there’s new code (blank code) waiting for it and it will stay online.

Hello Hugo,
thank you very much to find again the first imp. Second one in PM.
Good hint was the relation to the board, I checked both imps in the same board, maybe this is one of the reasons not to find the right combination in impcentral…
Code hint was good, yes indeed device sleeps for 30 min. I thought, that I should see any logs. I’ve to go to be more familiar with impcentral…

You should see logs if the device’s code does log, yes.

Ah yes, if you used the same board with both, they would both run the exact same code :slight_smile:

OK, great to know. Thank you very much!