Imp vs Arduino functionalities


I have been experimenting with Imp and reading about Arduino around the same time and it appears there is a high overlap of the pin functionalities and wanted to check if there is any pin feature in imp that is not there in Arduino and vice versa.


There are so many differences between the products, I would consider the pin functions to be a more minor consideration until you know exactly what you need.

that said,

  • imp has a DAC and the Arduino has none.
  • Arduino ( or at least the underlying Atmel chip) can do a hardware counter that runs in the background and imp only has a counter that blocks all other activity while it counts.
  • imp has configurable pull-down resistors on GPIO and Arduino does not

this is not a comprehensive list of the differences.

you didn’t ask about this, but the imp is far easier to program. I am using both in my current project.

The counter actually is implemented in hardware and could run in the background, we just don’t have that implemented as yet.

Other differences:

  • imp has loads of UARTs. Standard arduino has just one HW uart.
  • imp has two i2c’s, two spi’s
  • imp has configurable pull-ups and pull-downs
  • imp has other stuff which hasn’t been exposed yet :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarification - as a newbie to electronics, I stumbled upon electric imp couple of weeks ago and have been very fascinated by the possibilites. The above responses gives me the confidence to focus my energies on a single platform