IMP to AWS Instance

Hi all,
I’ve installed a instance on a AWS cloud server and I am looking to access this from the Agent Code on my IMP. Sounds like an obvious question perhaps but how do I find the correct full URL of the instance to use in the agent code?

Any assistance much appreciated.

I know this comment has been here a while. I am working on the same thing. I am able to send to the phant instance from a device inside the network which the Imp is on, but not from the agent. Can I post from the device to a local phant?

Did you see the libraries page on Never tried it myself but see there is one available for Electric Imp. Also look in documentation, in particular http page, as it may give clues too.

Can I post from the device to a local phant

No - all communication to external services is done through the device’s agent - and over HTTP(s). The SparkFunStream library that @gerriko linked to takes a ‘base url’ as the first parameter… you need to change that from ‘’ to something pointing to your instance on AWS.