IMP to Drive a serial LCD display

Is there a way for the IMP to drive a serial LCD display?

Something like one of these.



Yes, you can.
I have this screen:
Its a bit better because it operates on 3.3v which is what the april board outputs, so its easier.
im not sure about the one you posted, but it works on 5v and im not sure about the TX port if it can be driven by a 3.3v signals. so check if it can or not.
if not, you will need to use a transistor and a 5v regulated voltage in order to drie the lcd, a bit more complex maybe

for the imp configuration take a look here

Great, thanks for the help. Once I get my plan together I’m sure I’ll have more questions.



happy to help,
i have my lcd fully functional and its really not difficult to work with
im very new to this as well

I haven’t seen this posted anywhere else, but I just used this code for the Sparkfun 9067 LCD with one of my projects, and it works very well. Found it in a search on GitHub.


If the creator approves, this should totally go in the Imp code snippets repository, whenever that comes to life.

Thanks for the find @jwehr. I’ll try getting touch with them.

Also - we built out some reference code + examples on our github account yesterday. We’ll be adding lots more in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

If you have reference code or examples you would like to contribute, let us know and we’ll take a look :slight_smile:

Nice. What if there was a user-generated list of hardware/services/apps that people were looking for code to interface with? It would be great to have code for all the popular stuff from Sparkfun/Adafruit etc,. I’m still an amateur, but I’ve learn a lot from pouring over example code and user submitted code.

We are hoping to compile a lot of code (both written by Electric Imp folks, and the Electric Imp community) on our GitHub account, and make it a really valuable resource for Electric Imp developers.

Additionally, at some point in the future we planning on creating and hosting a community curated Electric Imp wiki. This would be an ideal place to host a central repository of links to sample code, projects, reference designs, etc made by the Electric Imp community :slight_smile: