IMP talk

I was introduced to the intriguing world of the imp a few months ago, and found that there were a lot of secret squirrel talk (do not quite understand their language!). Fist thing is to make sure your blink blink is sorted. There were lashings of nodes and noodles, till secret agent appears and changed the scene. While driving me .nut at times, the community is very supportive especially the imp team. Interestingly now we found that not all imps are equal, some are more equal than others, the blessed imps.

Ken Kok

Ok, I’ll throw mine in. There was a playstation commercial a while back that had two squirrels talking in it. At one point, one of the squirrels exclaims, “Squirrel, please!”. So, every time you can’t get code to work… now you know what to say. :slight_smile:

And when your code does work, (the first time) well you’ll have to watch the video to see what to say then…

I’ll add mine to that Eddie Izzard - Squirrels … so when you code stop’s did you leave the gas on? Please note contains the F… word