Imp Shows Offline, but is connected to WiFi the same as my laptop running ImpCentral

Cannot get my imp to show online so I can update its code. It is connected to my WiFi. The laptop supporting ImpCentral is connected to the same WiFi and still shows offline.

Some questions to help use debug this. What imp are you using? Did the imp flash green after BlinkUp? And it’s not listed when you click on the device menu (see here) and select My Development Devices?

You can also use the device menu’s search field: enter the device ID displayed by the Electric Imp app after BlinkUp and once the imp has connected to the impCloud.

Under my development devices I do have a device listed. I am using an impExplorer. I have had it turned off almost a year. Just turned it back on for a new project.

The imp did flash green after the BlinkUp and I can see it connected to my WiFi.

So, what product/device group do you have it associated to? It will pull the latest code any time it is powered on.

ie, log into impCentral, and click through to whatever product you have set up (“development zone” button by the product name), then the device group (click “code” next to the device group). You should then see the device in the bottom left pane and the code above it.