Imp.setpowersave() must go after imp.configure()?

I’ve fallen foul of this before but hears another one from my testing
imp.setpowersave() should be declared after imp.configure() is that correct?
Would explain why my battery performance is so poor :frowning:
65ma in idle before
6ma in idle after

Thanks as always

That’s true but is arguably a bug. What currently happens is, imp.setpowersave() sends a particular command to the wifi chip. If wifi isn’t switched on at the time, it does nothing. And when the imp is waking up from sleep, wifi doesn’t get switched on until the first time it’s needed – the first time the imp contacts the server – which could well be imp.configure().

Really, setpowersave() ought to be a persistent state, that is re-enabled on each reconnection once it’s set. We’ll fix it.


Peter many thanks for this, I was starting to look for a new battery type!

This is fixed in the next release.

Many thanks