Imp server down?

All of my IMPS wen’t offline at ~12:30AM GMT+2 - all showing the same symptom: red-orange blinking.
One of them went offline during I was working on it on planner …

The WIFI part is ok here, I can see the planner, I can write here so it’s must be something serverside (or I don’t know).

Even tried to recomission one of them - had a short green at the end (so probably worked), than few reds, than red-orange.

What’s happening?

Got back again after 30 mins … phew :slight_smile:

Looking into the root cause… still lots of server work going on!

Working now - was a ~30 min interruption only …

For an easy indication of the Imp Server having issues, use the ‘Imp Count’ node, graphing to Cosm.

There were server issues 75 minutes ago, 48 minutes ago, and 11 minutes ago.
Each time the Imp Count drops to 14… (there must be 14 Imps hard-connected??)

Those are server updates, not issues :slight_smile: