Imp restarted, reason: wifi outage

i have a problem since a few days
imp restarted, reason: wifi outage

why ?

When the imp is snoozing, it stays that way for nine minutes. At the end of this period, the imp wakes and performs a warm start. It begins running its Squirrel code but remains offline until that code makes an attempt to contact the server. At this point, impOS powers up the imp’s WiFi radio and then spends 60 seconds trying to connect. if it succeeds, Squirrel continues to run – and you will see the message [Exit Code] imp restarted, reason: wifi outage in the log.

why nine minutes ?
i use this :

 <blockquote> imp.onidle(function(){ imp.deepsleepfor(300); });</blockquote>

Nine minutes is the standard unexpected disconnection snooze period. In your case, you disconnect manually, for 300 seconds. But what takes place when the imp awakes is the same.

it’s weird
I did not have before this message
I lost logs.
today I lost logs between 5:21 p.m. 3:36 p.m. ET

“Lost logs”? We only keep the last 200 lines in the IDE.

the electric imp is in standby mode every 5 minutes
but lately, I have not normal behavior. losses …my wireeless access point has not moved.
I thinks the electric imp no longer works correctly.

it has trouble connecting to wifi

Any more info about this? If the imp is too close to the AP (generally this is an RSSI > -30) then this can cause issues.

I was trying to work out why an imp was disconnecting every few minutes while it was permanently looping and discovered the “strong wifi” issue. Only it turns out that mine is unreliable if RSSI is as low as -40dB This all but rules out the imp working in the same room as the router.

Given that it’s the same problem, this seems like a pretty serious hardware issue, is there any hope of a work-around?

Just for fun, sometime ago I put an imp at the front of a 2.4GHz yagi with the AP running at 30mW. It didn’t miss a beat and while I can’t recall the exact dB numbers it was getting close to zero.

@rocketfire poor deafened imp…

@iceled the issue can be on both sides. It may be your router is not happy with the imp’s transmit power (we’ve seen this on old WRT54’s which are really not good with strong signals). The imps transmit at a higher level than most phones/tablets, actually right up close to the EU limit of +20dBm EIRP.

There is no workaround for this - for ANY device - besides getting a better router, or impairing the antenna somehow (eg putting the imp inside something solid to attenuate both TX and RX signals). What router are you using?

@Hugo It could well be the router (Technicolor tg799vn v2). I never saw this issue with my previous Netgear DGN2000 router. The Technicolor has a greater range than the Netgear so may have a more sensitive RX given the restrictions on TX power. For bench testing I now have the imp sat inside a steel CD drive shell which knocks everything down by 20dB. I’ll have to come up with something different when it’s time to let this thing wander around the floor though :wink:

I have 3 imps connected to a router (WRT1900AC) and sometimes they go offline and one of them ocasionally says “wifi outage” when it reconnects .the others just connect…
What to do?