Imp Red lights on Budweiser red light

I have had my Budweiser red light since the first send out. I original had major problems connecting, I called Budweiser but was stilling having issues, until they sent out an update for the app. !! Then I was able to connect no problem.
However I recently upgraded my home internet/wifi and in the process had to change the network name. I have not been able to connect my Red Light since then !!! Changed the info in the app, read and tried things recommended on other feeds of this forum and on the Budweiser site… Nothing.
When I turn on the Red Light the imp card flashes red, it does stop flashing when I do the set up BUT after it just blink red again, never anything else!
Can anyone give me any suggestions of what could be wrong, and or what I can do !! Please and thanks

Do you get a single Green blink at the end of blinkup? That means it successfully read your information. It might be trying to do a firmware update as well.

HI i actually have a problem with my imp card, i just a got orange flash all the time and i can’t connect to my wi/fi can you help me?

I don’t own a Bud red light.

Does it contain a normal Imp001 ?

Can someone buy an April board and stick the imp into that for testing? That way, you would know if the imp itself was OK by loading some simple test code?

Or is the Bud red light imp an Imp002 and everything is soldered as one thing?

I do not get a single green light at the end of blink-up ! Only red lights! Still can’t get it to work/ find my wifi -HELP

The imp card in the bud red light is a model imp001.
Is there a way I can test it ?

So the Imp is the original imp in the SD card package?
Buy an April Board (from sparkfun) and use that to test it.
While you’re at it, buy another Imp, so you can make your own project.

@Type9, you say you upgraded your WiFi. I would check its settings: make sure it’s not running a 5GHz network, for instance, as the imp in the Bud Light doesn’t support this (only 2.4GHz, which you may see listed in the router settings as 802.11b/g compatibility). Red lights suggest either the configuration process isn’t working (the part where the app flashes your phone’s screen to set up the device) or (more likely) the data the Light is getting isn’t correct, so it can’t connect to your wireless network.