Imp Recommended SD Card socket no longer available

The 4ucon 19646, which is the recommended socket on the imp wiki, is no longer available from 4ucon. What is the new recommended socket ?

Hmm, that’s news to us. We’ll ask 4ucon about it…

If you’re looking for something easy to get in the US, this one is basically the same:

Amphenol 101-00313-68-02 ( )

…I’ll add that to the recommended page.

I haven’t contacted 4ucon about it, they are just no longer on this page.

It’s back on the page now. They were adjusting the database and it went AWOL temporarily. Panic over :slight_smile:

Hi Guys.
Where would one go to purchase the 4Ucon SD socket in small numbers?
I cant find it anywhere. 4Ucon have an MOQ of 5000 and i only want 12 for a prototype im setting up.
Is the Amphenol unit a direct replacement? There is no eagle library that has the amphenol part in so i want to make sure its a direct replacement before i order up my prototype boards ive designed in eagle.

I’ve not checked the footprint myself, so you may want to do that. It may be close enough to work when you’re hand-soldering.

The footprint for the amphenol (which canbe bought on Digikey) is close but not identical. I made one for Eagle V5 so if you give me an email addr, I’ll mail it to you.

If you give us permission, and email it to we’ll put it on the devwiki…

Hi vedecoid many thanks for the offer :slight_smile:
My email is hbourne at me dot com

Hi Vedecoid any chance you can ping me the eagle part?

sure, just need to extract it out of my custom parts library…I’ll add the ID chip as well…


4ucon allows “sample orders”, see here :

thats true, however their shipping costs for a sample order are $46!
I know i ordered some.

Maybe now isn’t a good time to note that sparkfun will sell you the sockets alone:

Could someone share the Eagle footprint, please?

If you change the extension of the attached file to .lbr - it is in there along with some other stuff. I did not make the footprint originally - don’t remember where I got it. Sparkfun shares everything so maybe I got it from there - maybe it is a modification of that one. It should be checked for accuracy, no guarantees from me.

That said, my personal recommendation is to design using the imp002 module. I started doing that after having pin contact trouble with the socket. It could be that the SD socket is sensitive to soldering technique (just a wild guess).

some boards using the module are available at

Here’s an eagle layout that has proven accuracy (more than 100 boards made without a single soldering error), including the drill hole for the positioning thing
The layout is for the amphenol version (digikey 101-00313-68-02CT-ND) which is almost identical to the 4ucon. > 4000 in stock @ digi
It’s still in the eagle V5 format. Haven’t converted it as i’ve also switched to the OO2

Need to change extension back to .lbr. It’s not allowed to upload this type

I got my Eagle library on github updating that as I am making new additions and adjustments to the parts I design. :slight_smile:

SD card connector is one of them. :slight_smile:

I’ve used the Amphenol socket a few times when building some of the card based reference designs. The imp002 is my preference as well. Sure you have to make your own Blinkup circuit, but that is 6 components, and you can put them anywhere you like.