Imp Project Cards: Great for Teachers, Makers... and Xmas Gift Givers

We all know imp developer kits make great gifts, not only for smart kids but also folk getting into electronics and making for the first time. The hardware is easy to set up, connect to the Internet and integrate into any project from ‘Hello World’ to complex Internet of Things home automation rigs. Squirrel and the imp API are well documented and straightforward to program.

That just leaves one question: if you’re thinking of giving the gift of imp this Christmas, what exactly can the recipient do with their new toy?

Enter Electric Imp’s new Project Cards series. We designed these to serve a number of roles: as a colorful hand-out for educators teaching kids and newcomers the basics of making, and as an aid for hackathon organizers likewise on the look-out for short projects they can help first-timers with on the day. We also think they’re a great addition to an imp given as a gift.

The initial line up comprises three simple projects none of which should take more than an hour to complete. The cards are supplied as PDF files you can download and print – both US and European paper sizes are provided – and each is backed by an online project walkthrough, complete with assembly instructions, code and suggestions for extending the project further. The projects are hosted on the Electric Imp Dev Center.

As a giver, you get a list of the parts each project requires so you can bundle card and all the components, box and wrap them up ready to put under the tree.

Some of the components require soldering before they can be combined with the other parts, so it’s worth considering whether that’s a task you need to perform first or is one the recipient is capable of handling themselves.

Here are the first three projects:

  • Build a Wireless Weather Monitor
  • Build a Micro Disco Light Show
  • Build a Scrolling Twitter Display
You can view all of these projects and download the cards over at the Dev Center.

We’ll be adding more during 2015. Let us know if there are any projects you’d particularly like to see.

May I be the first to give @smittytone a virtual high-five :slight_smile: nice work!