IMP password length

New to the IMP and encountered issues right off in commissioning it.

Imp+April board
Blinkup done via the Android App (made use of two devices, a Nexus 7 tablet and Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone)
The AP (router) is a 2Wire 3600HGV, broadcast SSID, channel 10, WPA-PSK (TKIP) and WPA2-PSK (AES) sercurity

The original password was 29 characters, Upper/Lower case alpha and ‘+’ characters

Tried the Blinkup with and without Legacy Mode. After the blinkup ended I’d get the slow red flashing (there would be a short pause as some point, but then back to slow red flashes).

Disabled the WiFI security and the IMP connected and successfully performed a firmware upgrade.

Enabled security and back to the slow red flashing. Even after another blinkup attempt.

Shortened the password, 10 upper/lower case alpha, and can now successfully connect.


Interesting. I just made a video for a tutorial on using the Imp. My WPA password is 13 alphanumeric characters, and I don’t have any trouble blinking up. I’ve found that the most important thing to do, as written in the documentation is to place your thumb and forefinger above and below the light pipe on the edge of the Imp, and hold it against the glass. This keeps all of the light from the smartphone directed into the photodiode, and keeps out ambient light.

The max password length is 32 characters; older firmware only supported the legacy blinkup mode, which is prone to losing sync when android phones drop frames (which they do a lot).

After your upgrade, you should have been able to use standard (non-legacy) blinkup mode even with long passwords just fine, as the newer android blinkup uses trilevel that embeds sync into the data. Did you try using the normal blinkup after upgrade? Did you keep the lighting consistent during the blinkup? (that’s quite a long blinkup!)

I thought I had tried the std blinkup mode after the upgrade w/o success. And the lighting should have been consistent (no one entered the room, no lights were switched on or off, I covered the IMP …)