Imp Offline

hello i´m testing my smartmaker imp breakout board and can see it going online in the IDE.
Then it goes offline in the IDE after a few secs.

why is that?

i get this on the log

2014-01-15 16:56:34 UTC+0: [Status] Device booting; 1.59% program storage used
2014-01-15 16:56:34 UTC+0: [Status] firmware update triggered

To add some more problems
The previous situation is with usb power.
If i change the jumper to ext and add a 9v battery(reading 7v) i see the imp led flashing red like crazy.

going back to initial problem. The imp going offline, here more info.

I see green blinking about 90 times. Then it stops blinking.
It seems like 2 fast blinks and a pause then again another 2 blinks and after 90 blinks it stops.
Does this helps?
if i try with another imp in my smartmaker breakout it works. So i think the problem is not with smartmaker breakout but the imp itself.
Thank you

As far I can see, the imp was in an upgrade mode, and it will keep trying untill it has finnised

Firmware upgrade triggered means it’s updating its firmware (impOS). You need to leave it to update, should take no more than a few minutes. After the upgrade is complete, it’ll come online again.

If you have a 9v battery that reads 7v when unloaded, it’s likely dead and will not power the imp. The imp flashing red is it trying to boot and then running out of power, then trying again ad infinitum.

Thank you i will check.

The documentation is not suficient.
There should be more details and examples.

I wish i could help… some day…

I´m still waiting for my imp to go online .
Its 30 minutes after i see in the log

[Status] firmware update triggered

Do i have to wait so long?

one hour blinking green and not going online.

Do i consider it “USELESS”?

Is it doing alternate long and short green blinks? If so it’s got stuck downloading the upgrade. It’s just possible that this is caused by router issues (especially if your imp is one of the very early ones): if your router has a “DNS Relay” mode, try temporarily turning that off. Or, if possible, try using a different router (different network) altogether.


It works. I tried with another access point and it downloaded and went online in short seconds.

Thank you for the great tip!

Oh good. Could you let me know (by private message if you’d rather) the make and model of the router that didn’t work? And its firmware version too, if possible?


Firmware Version: v7.50.0

You should also specify the Version. Not all WRT’s are the same.

I use a “WRT54GS v.4” with DD-WRT v24-sp2 (07/24/13) mini - build 22118
and it works without problems.

2x IMP001
1x IMP002

@ramstein74 was this a brand new imp with developer edition branding that had never been blinked up before?

If so, then that’s likely the DNS relay issue which was fixed… just very early cards don’t have the workaround for routers whose DNS relay misbehaves.

Just dont know right now.
I have 3 imps working fully now.
Thank you for your excellent support.