Imp not responding

I’m have been having problems with my Imp recently, and am looking for some advice.
Previously, I had a code running on both agent and device. Now, for some reason, whenever I power it up, it blinks red four times (quickly) and appears to just shut down. The only way to get it to blink again is to plug it out and back in again. Additional blinkup procedure does not seem to have any effect at all.
Has anyone seen such weird behavior?

Is your code sleeping right away, or immediately going into a loop that doesn’t yield? Did you program it to connect to a WiFi network that isn’t available?

Are you using a US configured imp outside of the US? Other users have reported problems when their Wifi Access Points shift to a channel higher than 11. If this happened, your imp would behave as you indicate. The only way to solve it is to “fix” your AP to a channel in the 1-11 range.

Thank you for your suggestions.
My code is not sleeping at all, and I don’t think there is a non-yielding loop on there either. I’m not sure. In any case, I have deleted it all in order to see if that solves the problem. No go. Is there anything else I should do? Can I reset the Imp somehow?
My WiFi channel is 2, so that shouldn’t be a problem.
I do live outside of the US, and the Imp was shipped from the States (Sparkfun). Why is that a problem? It used to work, but doesn’t anymore.
Thanks again.

I’m having similar issues. The imp seems to be connected to the network (green blinks ), but the logs don’t appear in the IDE. Any advice? I already reblinked the imp and seems to be connected.

It’s also strange that the IDE “says” the imp is online even when it’s turned off. So somehow the connection is lost between the imp and the IDE. Shall I recommission the imp?

Problem resolved. I guess it was coming from the server side. Now I can see the logs. :slight_smile:

What about my issue? Is there anything I can do?

Cycling power to the Imp will “reset” it. Is there anything plugged into the breakout? I am assuming that this is an Imp card with an April board? Are any pins accidentally shorted? What are you using to power it? Is the power supply or battery able to supply enough current? The Imp card can draw up to 400 mA all on its own.

@spicymeatboll how is it powered? Quick red flashes often mean it’s running from a very low battery, and is browning out when trying to power up wifi.

you might want to add your suggestion to the BlinkUp Troubleshooting guide

Thanks, jwehr and Hugo.
My Imp is connected to the 5V output pin of an Arduino board. The Arduino is powered by USB. I don’t think that’s the problem, because it used to work just fine.
I will double check to see if any pins are shortened and report back.

Well, I double-checked. Everything seems to be OK. No pins are shorted.
I tried to reset the Imp. Should there be any sort of indication of a successful reset?

Don’t power it from the Arduino. There are no specs listed for what the available current at 5V is from the Arduino, but only 50mA is available at the 3.3V pin. The Imp card can draw up to 400mA, so this is most certainly the issue. You could power it from the VIN pin, and then you will just be pulling straight from the USB power supply, but make sure your power supply can handle both devices. If you are plugged into a computer, you won’t be able to draw enough current.