Imp not connecting to Wi-fi

Hi Everyone,

My imp isn’t connecting to wi-fi …and it continuously blinks red-amber-off as soon as i power it on. I know that this means it is stuck up at the stage of acquiring an IP address… I have no clue on how to proceed.

Read somewhere to check if I can connect to :, even that’s not happening from any of my devices. (Error : 404)
Please help.


If you can access your router admin, tell it to use like channel 6 … I wonder if you’re on a wifi channel that doesn’t work well with the imp?

It seems like a wifi setting you use in India might be different than we use in the U.S. or U.K.?

Make sure you have enough current available.

Hi…I am on channel 6 but you are right that it is not the default here.

I was able to connect the imp perfectly fine a few days back, but now it blinks red-amber continuously…as soon as I add power supply.

Blink-up guide says…imp is stuck at acquiring the IP address…but what is to be done…i have no clue.

Any resolution to this problem?, I have a new imp that is in the same situation

I presume they solved it as they didn’t post again?

@juanh64 so you have other imps working, but this one isn’t? Sure the wifi password is typed correctly?