Imp is having trouble connecting to cloud?

My imp was working fine today and when I went to do a test a few hours ago I found it had disconnected. When I repowered it got connecting to server led codes but it does not connect and then the led codes stop. I tried doing a reblinkup a few times but it still wont connect. I found a thread that indicated was a hostname to check for connectivity and I get timeouts if I try to bring that up in a browser. Service Status pages say everything is okay. Any ideas what is going on?


What’s the mac address of your imp?



my apologies - went to use my tablet and found it would not connect to the internet. My wifi was down for some reason…hardly ever happens…I shoulda checked :frowning:

Ah, good :slight_smile:

Looks like it may have dropped out around 4am; that was the last recorded connect time.

@zargonb, you need to put your technical head on :slight_smile:

that’s the one with the glasses and less straw inside :wink:

I wonder how many of the forum readers will catch that reference. :slight_smile: