Imp is connected but doesn't show connected on planner

My imp was running code today but it seems to have lost connection to the planner. The router shows connected, but I cant load code to it and it reports last connected several hours ago. Any ideas. I have reblinked it, logged out and in of the planner, power cycled a dozen times.

On powercycle I get blinking green then fast blinking red. Then blinking green then fast blinking red. The imp is connected to the router and has a valid ip. It responds to a ping. It is transmitting and receiving something. Some diagnostics would be really useful.

I have an 8am meeting tomorrow where I get to report where we are in this project. I don’t feel good about it.

On powercycle I get blinking green then fast blinking red. Then blinking green then fast blinking red.
3 green, then 13 red? I see that a lot...

That’s a sign of either:

  • a bad atsha on your impee


  • your code has runtime errors, and is crashing, being reloaded, crashing, etc

Solution would be to go into the code editor for the code you believe it’s running and replace it with something really simple (like imp.configure(“test”,[],[]); ) then see if the imp reappears. If it does, then it was a code error.

Because you can’t enter the code editor “attached” to the imp without using the edit button on the impee’s node, you won’t see debug info. The only way to get into this state is generally to have a bug in the code, then delete the node from the planner (selecting it, hitting delete).

It was running when I left the house. It stopped while I was away. It was running the sample code. Now it is deleted from the planner and says I have no impees.

It would be really good if there was some other support channel than this open forum.

Just got back from my meeting. I think you lost a manufacturer and possibly gained a competitor. They just cant see putting their product’s reputation on the line if your company is not as committed to reliability as they are.

On a high note, I got a free imp because they don’t want it anymore.

I will replace the ATSHA and see what happens.

In the next update it might be nice to have a way to tell a bad atsha from bad code.

I’m sorry you had a bad experience, but posting at 9pm PDT to a public forum about a demo in under 12 hours time isn’t generally the best way to get support.

There ARE other support channels. Commercial users are directed to email us at and we set them up on our support ticket system, get them on the agent beta, etc. This works well for our other vendors.

The behavior of your device is strange though - imps do not disappear from the plan, even if there’s a bad ATSHA. Node removal from the planner is ONLY a manual operation.

edit: checked the logs and your ATSHA stopped responding at around 00:02 UTC this morning. Are you using your own board or an off the shelf april? Any chance you could have applied over 3.3v to it?

We also have a pending feature to email the account owner when we see one of their imps appear with a bad atsha; if you didn’t have a second board for your demo, this wouldn’t have helped much though!

I did delete the imp manually from the planner this morning. I wasn’t getting anywhere and figured it was something I could do.

A blink code for a bad atsha would be nice. I don’t think I could have connected it to the wrong voltage, because I was at dinner. I wasn’t anywhere near it. It was sitting in my locked house all alone.

I will order another socket and see how it goes. It will be fun to play with.