Imp Holiday Projects

I’m eager to see what folks do for imp enabled holiday projects. I’ve been building A/C switches lately to power lights and decorations, and set up something for Halloween tonight. The post light in my front yard is just a white globe, so I put an Imp AC switch inside, and put an Arduino Uno inside that powers a NeoPixel ring. (I can’t wait till I can power NeoPixels with my Imp…having to plug an Arduino in to change code is not fun. Spoiled by the imp web IDE!)

So the agent has code to search twitter for terms and blink it, as well as a web page to switch it on and off. I’m tempted to find an API that could give me sunup-sundown times so that it is only on when it is fully dark outside.

Anyone have ideas? Here is what it looks like.

if you tweet with #joelwehrsimps, it will blink the light.

I’m curious if you see it blinking a lot?

I got a few retweets from a test tweet I sent out, but no, its isn’t exactly trending. :slight_smile:
It isn’t that cool unless you are in the neighborhood and can actually see it. I could set up a camera…

I just thought that maybe while watching TV or something, you notice it blinking on and off occasionally as people see the twink reference. It would give you a strange feeling knowing that people around the world are making it blink.

About the sunrise/sunset …
If you have your own website, you could make your own API (using PHP) to get the sunrise/sunset times. You need to give it your WOEID (where on earth am I ID). Once that is in the script, your imp/agent can find out if it should turn it on or turn it off, based on your exact times for your geographical location.

See this:

If not sure, or want something slightly different, I’d be glad you help you alter the PHP script.

I can see it outside some of my windows, and I’d love to see it blink a lot. The agent logs all the tweets that make it blink, so I can look if I miss one.

I was just looking at the weather channel API, and under the astronomy section you can get local sunrise and sunset.

Thanks for the offer… I tend to use C based languages whenever I can, so my PHP skills are next to 0. I run my website on Windows Azure and DotNetNuke, so its ASP.NET/C#. If doesn’t work, I’ll give you a yell. I’m hoping the agent can just get everything it needs all by itself.

Anyone have any Imp Halloween projects? I’ve got a Neopixel ring sitting on my desk that flashes everytime someone tweets “Trick or Treet”.

@Aron is going to imp a couple of his pumpkins to give them internet controlled eyes.

Not sure what he plans to do beyond that :slight_smile:

Nice! I have the post light in front of my house Neopixeled up as well… ready for trick or treaters. I wrote a couple of functions up to do different colors/effects…including one for my nephew that flashes TMNT colors.